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The Company

AQUILA ADVANCED is a consulting firm specializing in strategy and competitive business development, operating from Paris, Geneva, London, Rome and Casablanca. Our interventions save our clients an average of two years on their development forecasts through a better understanding of the contexts giving access to strategic markets. We work for public and private sector executives and investors to create unprecedented performance in the face of relentless competition.

Advisers Associates

Matteo Jacques Dominici
« The Diplomat »

Olivier Queval-Bourgeois
« The Architect »

Advisers Partners

Our team is based on technical, cultural and generational complementarity. It is deeply connected to the modern digital society and anchored in the reality of cultures.

Values & Principles

AQUILA ADVANCED is founded on a respectful universal principle: every individual has the right to dignity, every people has the right to decide for itself, every culture has the right to exist.

This consensus is the basis of our approach to strategic international business development. Business diplomacy is concretely based on the understanding of peoples and their sovereign interests, with a view to seeking, structuring and sealing lasting strategic alliances.

On this basis, we employ rigorous means aimed at translating the stakes into a tangible reality for the companies considered strategic by the Authorities of each nation, whatever their mode of governance, as long as they remain in line with the founding values of the European Union: “United in diversity”.

  • “Culture, that which has made man something other than an accident of nature.” – André Malraux

    We apply a multicultural approach to business diplomacy, capable of interacting fairly in the human environments of the markets and clients we work with.

Anonymized use cases

Identify threats and secure

We studied the most offensive and opaque competitors of our French client, the latter operating in agriculture 4.0. This allowed us to model in detail a sophisticated architecture of acquisition of strategic assets by foreign players and to identify the real sponsors, notably German, Dutch and American. This data highlighted a certain duplicity of a historical partner for our client. Our client was then able to denounce the hidden practices and benefit from the support of public authorities in its operations.

Unlocking and repositioning a file

We were urgently mobilized on a pending case, it was necessary to support the recovery of a business in the field of data related to sports in Italy. We took over the initial elements that were considered fragile to create an attractive and realistic business model in a few days, while sourcing American and Chinese investors.
In less than three weeks, we allowed the buyer, major banks and international partners to meet to discuss the takeover.