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Matteo Jacques Dominici

Matteo Jacques Dominici


A dual Italian-French citizen, Matteo Jacques Dominici is a polyglot of four languages and an avid traveler since childhood, He loves cultures and social interaction, which he has proven through an academic course in Linguistic and Cultural Mediation of Africa and Asia at the University of Turin (Italy) and through a Master’s degree in Comparative Analysis of Mediterranean Societies between the University of Political Studies and International Relations of Turin (Italy) and the Mohamed VI School of Governance and Polytechnic Economy of Rabat in Morocco.

From a professional point of view, he started with several years of experience in high mountain rescue with several roles of responsibility and management of rescue teams in hostile environments during the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin.

It is in Asia and more precisely in China between the cities of Chongqing, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Suzhou that he trained in the profession of International Business Development and “Economic Warfare”, first as Business Development Manager in the HO.RE. CA and wine real estate for several Franco-Chinese groups and later as Overseas Operation Manager for a large Chinese company operating in the highly strategic sector of trading and refining of energy products between the Middle East (mainly in the United Arab Emirates, Iran and Qatar), North and West Africa and Asia.

With several entrepreneurial and consulting experiences in economic and competitive intelligence for the development of projects in the fields of energy, agriculture, international trade and with a well-established network of influence between North Africa, the Middle East and Asia and with certain organizations close to the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations in Geneva (Switzerland), he ended up being interested in the issues of Sovereign Asset Management.

It is following the COVID19 pandemic and the numerous international paradigm shifts towards anticipation and resilience, that he co-founded with Olivier Queval-Bourgeois the Parisian firm AQUILA ADVANCED as Adviser Associate in order to bring his skills, knowledge and expertise in human and relational relations. The main objective is to facilitate the understanding of and entry into relations with different peoples and cultures through a strong diplomatic vision as well as major cognitive and sociological biases, elements which allow for the anticipation, defense and enhancement of the assets and Sovereign strategies of AQUILA ADVANCED’s partners.