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Olivier Queval-Bourgeois

Olivier Queval-Bourgeois


Since 2009, Olivier Queval-Bourgeois has been involved in entrepreneurship related to digital products. That year, he co-founded an IT development company serving start-ups. He realizes that one of the major problems of European companies is the modern management of competitiveness.

He enters the world of cyber governance where his skills in software architecture and data science can be expressed. In just three years, he developed an approach to risk management based on intangible assets and information. He promotes it in magazines specialized in economic intelligence (i.e. Veille mag, Finance mag, etc). He explores the world of data protection through the software, hardware and legal prism. But it is by studying more efficiently his adversaries, the “pirates”, that he conceives advanced operational answers.

When the health crisis explodes, OQB witnesses the tilting of the world’s axis. The West is hit hard by the economic blockage, the recession, and the transfer of debts from the private to the public sector. It is above all the revelation of Chinese and Russian predatory operations that challenges him. He understands from 2020 that a new cold war has begun.

OQB leaves the position of “defender” and “educator” that he has occupied for almost 5 years. He decides to use in an offensive way the arsenal he has patiently developed. These new practices are still lacking in European democratic cultures, in the educational systems of a triumphant imperialist West. It is therefore necessary to create a new offer. He co-founded with Matteo Jacques Dominici the firm AQUILA ADVANCED, based in Paris.

His role as architect and data scientist takes on a new form. Like a “discreet ally”, he mobilizes to collect, structure, analyze and exploit all useful data: economic, geostrategic, sociological, behavioral and personal. By mobilizing these resources, it can conceive strategic conquest operations in very tense economic theaters of operation.

Olivier Queval-Bourgeois draws inspiration from Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Scandinavian strategists. But above all, he draws on a decade of user support and technological development. He offers AQUILA ADVANCED’s clients a vision that gives them a head start. It offers unprecedented approaches: profiling, investigation of rival personalities, data collection and cross-checking, reverse engineering of opaque financial and decision-making architectures, analysis and strategic negotiation with influential operators.

“Knowing what is going on requires judgment, knowing how to act accordingly requires wisdom”Chinese proverb