Competitiveness and Sustainability: Business Development through DevSecOps

Words tend to be overused these days. Competitiveness, for example, is used in advertising campaigns linked to France Relance by suggesting that expenditure items (i.e. purchase of equipment, recruitment, etc.) are vectors of competitiveness. But in the news, we learn that the loss of competitiveness of the French, and of Europeans in general, is obvious when we look at the figures, lost contracts, import-export and multiple dependencies. It is therefore a problem of the meaning given to the word.

Competition is no longer defined as a series of technocratic tasks that are coldly applied in today’s trade. We no longer play marbles. Today, business is more like a game of chess blitz. Time is of the essence, responsiveness is essential and a good appreciation of the environment is vital. In this article, we propose some of the elements that make our approach to business development offensive.

Unprecedented process: from DevSecOps to CoInDev

The usual public proposals have the pretention of associating lame ducks to pretend to make fighting cocks! But as business remains on a human scale, on the scale of the managers, it is rather pragmatism that guides us at AQUILA ADVANCED. This pragmatism is illustrated by the alliance between a strong diplomatic and relational profile (Matteo Jacques Dominici) and a rigorous engineering and financial profile (Olivier Queval-Bourgeois).

All technical, analytical, strategic and trading aspects are covered by this complementarity. Our team and our tools are developed around this complementarity. This complementarity allows us to move from the analytical aspects to the field, and to optimise actions in the field thanks to rapid feedback of data to the analytical part. We have taken over a process from IT production: DevSecOps, which literally means Operational Security Development, or that the production, security and operation of software are handled continuously.

CoInDev (Competitive Intelligence & development) takes up this hyper-reactive horizontal mechanism for competitive business intelligence and live negotiation. It is used to reach strategic business agreements only, as this process involves the use of logistical elements and rare, specialised skills. It is suitable for fierce competition where the emphasis is on getting there first and ensuring the sustainability of the agreements.

Sustainability: playing chess with assets

As with the use of DevSecOps, CoInDev focuses on specific assets. These assets must meet sustainability and EBITDA criteria in order to be truly effective, because the important thing is to get there first and keep the threats at bay. Threats that are themselves very active, relentless and pursue the same objective.

It is in this sense that we reasonably compare the new trade rules to a game of Blitz in chess. Overall, CoInDev saves companies 1 to 2 years in deploying their assets to the market. It is this speed that favours the design of strategic trade agreements while developing fair and sustainable trust (due diligence and personal investigation).

Sustainability and competitiveness are indeed complementary, as mentioned by France Relance, but certainly not based on expenditure items, rather by working on offensive business development.