K-Shaped: Develop your competitiveness in synergy with France Relance

The issue is obviously crucial in these troubled times of the global pandemic. Nations that were thought to be weakened have benefited considerably from the context. Others, thought to be powerful, are experiencing a collapse. The ranking of current powers considers France in 6th place for this year, but its decline is anticipated by rankings projecting to 2025.

France Relance: rebuilding sovereignty

Given this practical observation, it was only natural that the European financial support project should be based on a power project. A power that is both individual, by nation, but that can benefit all the key players in the European Union. What is France in this context? Its colbertist economy is certainly not its strong point. Today, France derives its power solely from its ability to administer things from this angle. Let’s recall here that by regal everything is meant that represents the “powers of the king”, that is, everything that guarantees his power over the geostrategic environment.

France Relance, identifies three major axes to defend the power of the Republic: Agribusiness and Ecology, Health and Cyberdefense. Guaranteeing the food supply for French forces, ensuring the health of these forces and significantly increasing technological means and cutting-edge skills in the field of security and influence. Since the announcement of France Relance in the summer of 2020, we have seen the release of funds for the sectors concerned and a demanding selection policy. In addition, the regulatory environment is also evolving to promote the assimilation and use of these new uses.

This change of strategic orientation, particularly healthy, is however a shock for a population used to benefit from aids and supports, to draw the cover to it without counterpart that the fact of directing its vote during the democratic elections. And the company, itself, is impacted by these changes.

Business: between freedom and colbertism

The first change lies in the fact that French entrepreneurs, whether they are “boomers” at the end of their careers or members of generation X, sometimes even generation Y, have never experienced real power relations if we compare them to the actions that the Chinese or the Russians had to take to catch up. It is crucial to consider that the culture of consumerism and power are two compatible logics, provided that one evolves in a fully democratic (and “mafia-like”) system like the Americans or in a highly structured authoritarian system like the Chinese. But how to act in a hybrid system such as that of the Fifth French Republic?

In the French culture, there are the citizens who make their own companies and there are the operators of vital importance who follow a colbertist line. For the record, Colbertism is a concept that originated with Colbert, the minister of Louis XIV, who set up several strategic companies for the Crown at the time and which made a major economic commitment to the Crown.

The revival of Sovereignty necessarily implies choosing whether or not to align oneself with the “king’s power” or to want to play the “rebel” by undergoing the effects of regalian power (Cf. law against separatism, global security law, useful for maintaining general order on the territory). Is it a loss of freedom to choose to collaborate with Maison France? We think not, on the contrary, we consider that it is the wisest position to adopt today.

Are there any administrative problems at Maison France? Certainly, its reform is underway and is absolutely essential if we wish to protect the way of life and the values of the French Republic, and even of the European Union. But this is not the main problem in order to respond to the issues of competitiveness. It is essential that the company and its managers, its employees, also carry out reforms!

The first adjustment lies in getting down to work, really, and not following the old doctrine carried by “Sup de Co'” and colleagues. These doctrines died in 2020 during the first confinement: remote management, increased digitalization, project mode management, meritocracy and performance culture, etc. China has been able to reorganize itself during this period of crisis because ingenuity and digitalization have stimulated this rebound. Aren’t there approaches to be actively considered? Between digital transformation and economic intelligence, there is a lot of material to deploy.

In concrete terms, it is time to take an interest in concepts that are poorly mastered in France, such as finance and competitive intelligence. It is through these means that the egocentric “Gallic” will be able to claim to become “French”, but especially “European”. And it is the role of the company, as a community, to develop this line. The State carries out its colbertist actions and directs the power, but it also respects the freedom of its people. It is this people, in the entrepreneurial environment, who have the responsibility to learn what is not well mastered and which simply allows them to make strategic decisions and not just follow general trends.

In our next section, we will discuss the effects of these strategic directions for companies. These devices are the only foundations of the K-recovery: the ingenious will survive, the followers or slackers will not. Everything else is a fabrication and conspiracy. The train has not yet fully left the station, but there are about 6 months left to make this paradigm shift. The only real question is: will you assimilate this knowledge and integrate competitive intelligence to seize the opportunities of the K recovery?

See you on January 15 to discuss the strategies of conquest and alliance in line with the axes realized by France Relance and the Vitality Operators.