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Who we are


It is through a period of enlightened resilience, provoked by the Covid-19 crisis, that the Advisers Associates came together to build AQUILA ADVANCED. Two profiles from very different backgrounds, yet linked by an openness to the world, are at the origin of our company. Discover here their background and their motivations:

Who we are

Olivier Queval-Bourgeois
“The Architect”

After more than ten years of experience in the field of innovation and in the design of software architecture using massive amounts of data, Olivier Queval-Bourgeois has decided to use his cross-disciplinary skills in data management and Cyber to work in the field of Competitive Intelligence.

As an analyst, designer and confirmed negotiator, he draws on his attachment to Slavic and Asian cultures to imagine a set of operational strategies that can serve the sovereignty of partners. Imbued with the strong values found in the founding charter of the European Union, Olivier is also fundamentally pragmatic and translates ambitions and strategies into a sophisticated and sustainable operational architecture. “Knowing what is going on requires judgment, knowing how to act accordingly requires wisdom”– Chinese proverb


Matteo Jacques Dominici
“The Diplomat”

“A man without culture is like a zebra without stripes”, it is from this African proverb that we can summarize Matteo Jacques Dominici’s profile. A dual Italian-French national, an assiduous traveler since childhood, he loves cultures and social interaction, which he has demonstrated in his academic career in Languages and Cultures of Africa and Asia and International Relations in Comparative Analysis of Mediterranean Societies.

With multiple in-depth professional experiences in Asia, Middle East and North Africa in the fields of energy, international trade and economic and social development, he is able to understand and relate to people through a strong Diplomatic vision as well as major Cognitive and Sociological biases that allow an anticipation, defense and valorization of assets and Sovereign strategies of partners.

Our values

AQUILA ADVANCED is founded on a respectful universal principle: every individual has the right to dignity, every people has the right to decide for themselves, every culture has the right to exist.

This consensus is the basis of our approach to strategic international business development. Business diplomacy is concretely based on the understanding of peoples and their sovereign interests, with a view to seeking, structuring and sealing lasting strategic alliances.

On this basis, we use rigorous means to translate the stakes into a tangible reality for the companies considered strategic by the Authorities of each nation, whatever their mode of governance, as long as they remain in line with the founding values of the European Union: “United in diversity”.

“The language of Europe is translation”

Umberto Eco

Sovereign interests

Economy and public power are linked because they jointly guarantee the defense of lifestyles and autonomy, of sovereignty. We work specifically in this context and at the service of institutions and companies deemed strategic by the institutions.

However, we do not work with companies that are already established and have seen their power grow during the American western influence (i.e. Vitality Operators – 1990 to 2020), we specialize in companies that will guarantee sovereignty in the long term in the wake of these historical pillars of the economies (i.e. Vitality Secondary Operators).

Until a few years ago, the competitiveness of companies was essentially based on the right combination of financial means, marketing positioning and production management. The world had come to believe that economic liberalism was the key to business.

But this was without taking into account the resurgence of powerful, strategic and willing states. If this reality was still hidden some time ago, the Covid-19 health crisis has revealed the incredible fragility of Western, let alone European, conceptions.

Industrial and food self-sufficiency, technological autonomy, monetary power are fundamental notions that are practical components of what is called Sovereignty in the current language.

Moving on from the era of the powerful Americanized West, driven by procedures and customs closely linked to the Rule of Law, seems to belong to a foggy dream: Eurasian and Asian powers have emerged from the shadows and now dominate the rules of the world game.

It is this environment that we understand and that we have been analyzing for a decade through socio-cultural, commercial, cyber and financial prisms. It is in this environment that we have integrated the methods, tools and practices of the New Leaders to bring them to European leaders and contribute to defending their sovereignty and their ability to be the master of their Destiny.

Who we are

Our competitive advantages

AQUILA ADVANCED is able to compete effectively in its chosen sectors thanks to its strong values, its commitment to results and the rigor of its operations.

Who we are

A unique two-headed approach: we are recognized for the clarity of our contributions due to the balance between the engineering of our sophisticated architectures, notably product, marketing, technological and financial; as well as for our acute sense of human relations in the respect of people, supported by the mastery of several languages, a fine understanding of individual and collective issues and a strong adaptation to the social codes of the environments of actions.

An ethic of loyalty: unlike many structures, we refuse to take on cases that are in competition with those that we accompany throughout our mandate. This decision is an essential criterion in the application of our methods in terms of negotiation, intelligence, diplomacy and respect of sovereignty.

Who we are

A culture of results: our approach is strongly based on asset management and project management, which stimulates a strong culture of economic results and influence. To this end, we work in long-term partnership with clients to build trust based on projects and performance. We are an equal stakeholder in the client’s results.

A culture of sustainability: during our interventions, we integrate systemic approaches inspired by Eurasian cultures, notably the sustainability of a result but also the social impacts of these results. Translated through “Environment, Social and Governance” indicators, our information is used in negotiations to satisfy sophisticated interests opposed to the short-termist visions carried by Anglo-Saxon doctrines since the 1970s.

Sovereignty as a vector: our interventions always take place in a context of sovereignty, i.e., of contributing to the legitimate maintenance of a culture, a governance and a history for each country we work with. However, our approaches are not political, but they do take into account the desire for power and domination and we work for our clients so that they remain the masters of their destinies.